I like to classify Deer Attractants into two primary categories:


Scents - a scent is one specific odor or smell. Used by themselves, they are normally fear eliminators such as Earth Scent, Pine, Cedar, etc. They are common to the area and help to eliminate the human odor and make deer less suspicious of danger in their surroundings.

Lures - this includes lures made from deer urine to attract deer by making them think that one of their own kind is in the area through sexual attraction. Food groups that are made to duplicate the smell of food deer eat are included in this category. Thus by formulating different scents together, we are able to compound different varieties of deer lures to make deer act or react in a given manner.

I pour and bottle all my products myself. The urines are 100% pure, undiluted urines taken from live Whitetail Deer. The cover scents and food lures are made by me using my own formulas that I have perfected over the years. The Vanilla Musk Cover is my own formula. It has been field tested throughout the U.S. by the North American Hunting Club in a two year research program and given the North American Hunting Club's Field Test Seal of Approval.




Bottle types available

Squirt Bottle: a one-ounce round plastic bottle with a dropper type tip that allows you to squirt it out.

Spray Bottle: a one-ounce round plastic bottle with a pump type tip that sprays out in a mist form.

Wick Bottle: a one-ounce square glass bottle with a wick attached to a clip that allows the wick to pop up out of the bottle.
Hang on a limb or set on a stump, log, etc.


Each product description indicates which bottle/bottles scents are available in.

Wind Finder - 1 oz Squirt Bottle Price Each: $ 5.95

A must for all hunting seasons. Know where those air currents are and which way they are moving. A formulated powder that squirts out in an ultra light smoke and little snowflake like particles. Highly visible, lighter than air, it will float along on the air currents so you can make sure you are down wind in your set-up.

Earth Cover Scent - 1 oz Squirt Bottle Price Each: $ 5.95

One of my favorite cover up scents. Smells like dirt and old, damp, decomposed leaves. Very good cover up scent for just about any place on Earth. Apply to boots, bottom of pants leg, on the ground, leaves and limbs around your stand.

Vanilla Musk Cover - 1 oz Squirt Bottle Price Each: $ 5.95

Tired of coming home from hunting smelling like a skunk or like a fox peed on you? Then try this combination cover scent and deer attractant. This stuff smells good! It has a base of vanilla flavoring, which has been a proven cover scent for many years, mixed with deer musk and a few other ingredients. The deer musk puts just enough sexual attraction to make it a good curiosity lure. Apply to boots, bottom of pants leg, on the ground, leaves and limbs around your stand.

Persimmon Lure - 1 oz Squirt Bottle Price Each: $ 5.95

I have made and tried everything you can imagine in the food lure group. Based on my own experience and communication with many other hunters that use my products, persimmon lure is by far the best! I have seen deer travel through acorn flats and honeysuckle vines to get to a persimmon tree. They are a real delicacy for deer. They love the sweet, fragrant smell and will travel long distances year after year to get to them. Squirt it on to limbs and bushes around your stand. Apply and hang on a cloth or cotton balls 20-30 yards from your stand. Persimmon lure is also a good cover scent as well as a lure.

WARNING!!!! Do not put the following Deer Urine directly on your clothing or on your person!! You may be mistaken as a hot doe in heat by a big mean buck!!

Doe Urine - 1 oz Squirt Bottle Price Each: $ 6.95

100% pure, undiluted doe urine, taken from live whitetail deer.Use through out the season to stimulate the bucks curiosity. Good urine for laying lure trails. Use to make fake scrapes or to freshen up natural scrapes. A good curiosity lure for does during the bow season as well. Tends to help settle the deer down and take away their natural wariness. Put out around your stand on leaves, limbs, etc. Doe Urine is a good all around lure for all the hunting seasons.

Buck Urine - 1 oz Squirt Bottle Price Each: $ 6.95

100% pure, undiluted buck urine. Use to intimidate bucks during the early months. A good bow hunting season lure as well as gun season. Will make territorial bucks think another buck is moving into their territory. A good lure to make fake scrapes with in areas where deer are beginning to start showing signs of establishing their territory through rubbing activities. They are traveling a lot at this time of the year, sparing, marking their territory. Use the Buck Urine to put them in the places you want them to be.

Buck N Rut - 1 oz Squirt Bottle Price Each: $ 7.95

100% pure, undiluted buck in rut urine. Taken when the testosterone levels are the highest.This is the time he is out and about with serious mating on his mind. Does in heat are very susceptible to this urine as they are trying to find the buck with the best gene pool to breed with. Good lure to make fake scraps. Use to intimidate other bucks.Will make territorial bucks think another buck is moving into their territory. A good rattling lure, he will come in ready to mate with a doe or fight off another buck.

Super Heat - 1 oz Squirt Bottle Price Each: $7.95 1 oz Wick Bottle Price Each: $9.95

100% pure, undiluted doe in estrus cycle urine. Use it during the prerut, rut and postrut periods. It arouses and attracts rutting bucks. Use it on boot drags when laying lure trails, add to regular scrapes to change to breeding scrapes. Great lures for making new scrapes and heating up existing ones. Stimulates a buck's sexual attraction and arouses his territorial dominance traits. Doe in heat urine is a super lure to use for rattling or grunting in Big Bucks. I use this lure during all seasons. A buck with horns on his head is ready to mate regardless of the time of the year. He just needs a willing doe in heat. Make him think you are that willing doe he is looking for!

Super Blend - 1 oz Squirt Bottle Price Each: $8.95

One of my favorite lures that I have used over the years. A blend of doe in heat, buck in rut and tarsal gland. Everything you need in one bottle. All the ingredients to make him want to mate, fight, protect his does and his territory. Excellent scrape and trail making lure. Use while rattling and grunting to really mess with his head. Make him think he has woke up and the woods are full of hot does with rutting bucks hasing them and he has got to get in on it quick!!



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