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Sunshine Meek hand grabbed this catfish!



 Meridian Star Reports: Paul Meek's deer scents attract big bucks!



 Talk about turkey hunting royalty! NWTF banquet from left, legendary call maker Paul Meek, 5 time world calling champion Preston Pittman, George Mayfield, retired owner of legendary lodge "The Roost" and owner of of Houndtooth Game Calls Lyle Gilbert. If you stacked up all the they've watched die it would be to the moon and back! George told me all about Tommy Bourne working as one of his guides at "The Roost" in the 1980's!


Paul is now the Ward 1 Alderman!  



  at the Seth Harris Childhood Cancer Foundation


 Come get your Deer Lures




 Paul has written may books on a wide range of hunting topics, as well as poems!


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Page One 


The Scott County Times  - Part One   - Part Two


The Clarion Ledger


Today In Mississippi - Part One   Today In Mississippi - Part Two


MS Woods and Waters


The Box Call Page


MS Business Journal


Quite a collection of trophies, this is at our old shop in Sand Hill that P.W. helped me build .

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