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A revolutionary fish lure designed to take advantage of the fish's keen sense of smell. It spreads out in the water as you use it and lures the fish to the bait. It makes the fish hold on to the lure longer, giving you more time to set the hook.

This is a highly concentrated formula, a little goes a long way. Simply squeeze out a few drops and smear it on. It will spread out in the water, but will not break down. This is what gives it the ability to stay on your bait.

Fish Calling Lure can be used with any type bait. It will adhere to wood, metal, plastic, and live baits. It works on most all species of fish, including saltwater as well as freshwater species. Why wait for the fish to come along and bite, try calling them to you with Fish Calling Lure!

Fish Calling Lure has been field tested and approved through out the U.S. by the North American Fishing club and awarded the Field Test Seal of Approval.

This was the first formula I made. It is the basic blend of fish oils with anise and banana blended in. It has a sweet, pleasant order that fish react well to.

Price $4.95

This is the basic blend of fish oils with Crawfish plus a few other shellfish ingredients added, a natural food source for fish.

Price $4.95

I add salt to the basic fish oil, let it set for several days and then blend in the garlic. This is a strong odor that all fish seem to like.

Price $4.95


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